Create your ESG insights with ekspono

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Create your own ESG scores and metrics

ekspono makes it easy to create your own ESG scores and metrics.

ekspono’s models for ESG scores and SDG impact metrics are completely transparent and give you full control of input data, configurations, materiality mappings and output.

Expand your universe of ESG metrics using machine learning

ekspono employs a battery of statistical models, machine learning models and rule-based models in order to extend the universe of ESG metrics.

Your data — neatly organised for your entire organisation

ekspono comes with a system for data ingestion from multiple sources, automated quality controls, storage and safe distribution to all stakeholders. Configure permissions and delivery mechanisms for all different users of your ESG data.

ekspono can work with your existing data providers and will significantly reduce your effort to acquire new data licenses for your ESG needs.

About us

ekspono is a data and analytics software-as-a-service company founded in 2018 with an experienced team in the intersection of finance and tech.