Unleashing the full
power of index investing.

Data. Access. Technology. Analysis.

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Making Index Investing Efficient and Scalable

ekspono is a Nordic financial technology company.

We are passionate about quantitative investment strategies (QIS) and indices. We believe they can be powerful tools for institutional investors.

We think that a dedicated and specialised digital platform, connecting buy- and sell-side, is crucial to reap the full benefits of QIS investing.

Built to Empower

ekspono empowers portfolio managers.

ekspono gives institutional investors the tools they need for successful investing and governance. It puts an end to system issues, wasteful admin and data management.

Built to Accommodate

Each investor has different reasons for using QIS indices. Most index portfolios are unique, and many indices are bespoke. Each investor has their preferred transaction partners, index providers and system heritage.

Our platform’s starting point is to fit each investor’s needs. We adapt and make your way of working more structured and efficient.

Built with Expertise

The ekspono team members all come from the Nordics and each has over ten years of international expertise in either asset management, investment banking or technology.

We bring relevant experience from working at companies like J.P. Morgan, Brummer & Partners and Spotify.

Data management, Automation and Quantitative Analysis

Our digital platform is built to provide:

  • Data access and management
  • Index due diligence and portfolio construction
  • Profit and loss contribution
  • Risk analytics and scenario analysis
  • Efficient system integration
  • Governance and reporting

Security, Flexibility and Open Standards

Information security is at the heart of everything we do. ekspono handles data from multiple sources while preserving confidentiality and integrity of all third party information. The main purpose of the design of our digital platform is to manage confidential information securely.

We believe in empowering clients, not restricting them to our ways. The same data APIs we build higher level applications upon are available for clients as well.

We believe in open standards. We do not want to force clients into specific tool chains or ecosystems.